Sam Entity (DUNS and CAGE)

The Central Contractor Registration (CCR) was the essential provider information base for the U.S. Central government until July 30, 2012. The CCR gathered information from providers, approved and put away this information, and scattered it to different government obtaining offices.
All substances wishing to work with the central government should have an exceptional element identifier (UEI). Right now, the DUNS number, which is a one of a kind nine-character recognizable proof number given by Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) for nothing, is the authority UEI. D&B doles out UEI (DUNS) for each actual area of a business.

CAGE (Commercial and Government Entity) code

The Commercial and Government Entity Code, or CAGE Code, is a special identifier doled out to providers to different government or safeguard offices, just as to government offices themselves and different associations. Enclosure codes give a normalized strategy for recognizing a given office at a particular area.
Enclosure Codes are utilized universally as a feature of the NATO Codification System (NCS), where they are at times called NCAGE Codes. Enclosure codes are referred to in different data sets of the NCS, where they are utilized alongside the provider's part number to shape a reference which is hung on the National Stock Number (NSN) record. This reference empowers clients of the NCS to figure out who supplies any given part.


The North American Industry Classification System, or NAICS, is a system of classifying businesses based on their economic operations (process of production). In Canada, Mexico, and the United States, it is used by government and business. Except for some government agencies, such as the US Securities and Exchange Commission, it has largely replaced the older Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) scheme.


The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code list is a system that groups similar industries together, regardless of what businesses might try to call themselves in order to get a lower insurance rate. Each business's SIC Code is found on its Business Entity System (B.E.S.) number, along with the federal ID number and address at which the company is registered. SIC codes are used by almost every government agency as a standard system to track businesses.